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At this year’s Suisse Toy Digital and SwitzerLAN we are hosting our third Gamedesign Contest. As esports fans we love competing in videogames and therefore we are looking for the best competitive game developed in Switzerland!

The contest is once again supported by Pro Helvetia!


1st Place: Game gets played as an official SwitzerLAN Tournament game and the developer has the possibility to showcase their game on the Suisse Toy Digital stage and play with visitors!

2nd & 3rd Place: Developers have the possibility to showcase their game on the Suisse Toy Digital stage and play with visitors!

Competition Schedule

Phase 1: Application

Swiss developers can submit their games for the contest. (Deadline: Thursday 31.08.2016 24:00)

Phase 2: Jury Voting

A jury picks the best game which will win 1st place.

Phase 3: Public Voting

All Game-Trailers of the remaining games will be uploaded to our Facebook page and a public voting starts. For several days our Facebook Community has time to watch those trailers and like for the ones they want to see onstage at the Suisse Toy Digital.

Phase 4: Event

All winners are invited to the Suisse Toy Digital and have the opportunity to present their game on our stage. Meanwhile the winner’s game is honoured in a special way: All 1’337 participants of SwitzerLAN can play the game in an official tournament.


Tower Offense (Capsule Games) - Winner 2015


Requirements for the developers:

  • Some team members have to live in Switzerland
  • Some team members should be available during the Suisse Toy (12.10-15.10.2016) to present their game if they win

Requirements for the game:

  • The Game has to be competitive and playable as a tournament during the SwitzerLAN 2017. This means it should be possible to crown a champion in a reasonable timeframe. It’s up to the developer if the games are based on a multiplayer, a highscore system or something else. The whole tournament shouldn’t last longer than two days and at the extreme a maximum of 1’000 players will participate.
  • Ideally a tournament game should be playable on Windows with a keyboard and/or mouse as well as online or in our LAN. Games which do not fulfill those requirements can still participate in the competition since it doesn’t affect a presentation on stage. But the chances to win first place are lower.


You can apply here.

An application has to include the following:

- Name of all team members and contact information of your person of contact

- If available a link to your team’s website & social media presence

- Game (link for us to download it) and if available an installation manual

- Short concept of how a tournament with your game would look like (brackets, timetable, etc.)

- Video file with your game trailer. This trailer shouldn’t last longer than 2 minutes. Trailer should not violate Facebook’s policies and should be in a file format which is supported by Facebook.


Airships: Conquer the Sky (David Stark) - Winner 2016


If you have any questions, feel free to ask us via E-Mail: info@switzerlan.ch