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A lot has changed in the esports world the last couple of years. A few games have gained popularity and we want to honor that by giving them their own platform. For example, we were blown away by the positive vibes and competitive spirit the Osu! community demonstrated in 2020. So this year, we decided to turn Osu! into a main tournament alongside classics such as LoL, CS:GO and RL.

We're also happy to announce the prize money this year of 15'000 CHF

See the full list of tournaments below.

Main Tournaments

League of Legends Tournament League Of Legends

Rocket League Tournament Rocket League

Osu! Tournament Osu!

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Tournament CS:GO

Side Tournaments

Hearthstone Tournament Hearthstone

Valorant  Tournament Valorant

Rainbow 6 Tournament Rainbow 6

Overwatch Tournament Overwatch

There are going to be additional Tournaments in the theme of the individual event which will be announced in the following weeks. The Tournament signups will be opened at least one week prior to the Events.

More Information will be released as soon as we can.