13.10.2022-16.10.2022 I 2000 Gamers I

13.10.2022-16.10.2022 I 2000 Gamers I


It's a wrap

Sunday, 16.10.2022 17:37 by Valentin

SwitzerLAN 2022 is done with! Everyone on the staff is exhausted, but we had a great time with all of you. We have realized once again what a wholesome community we have the privilege to be a part of. We love gaming and partying with you, playing mini table tennis, bantering, and creating dank memes. 

This event was probably our smoothest yet, with fewer hickups than ever, and we're proud to be able to give you the biggest LAN party in Switzerland. And it wasn't the last one: SwitzerLAN 2023 is going down 12. - 15. October 2023.

We'll see you in one year at the latest, but of course you'll regularly hear from us until then.

Take care and we love you guys.

Your SwitzerLAN staff

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How to reach us

Tuesday, 11.10.2022 10:31 by Valentin

When you arrive in Bern, please use the following map providing an overview about where you should check in and park your car.Powered by Froala Editor

Back to full strength: SwitzerLAN 2022

Friday, 03.06.2022 12:14 by Valentin

We can sense your longing for the next SwitzerLAN – and we feel it too. So let us talk about SwitzerLAN 2022 and how it is going to be your best weekend of the year. Welcome back to a 2000 person LAN – one of the largest ones in the DACH region!