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SwitzerLAN 2020 is a go!

Tuesday, 04.08.2020 15:04 by admin

We are happy to finally announce SwitzerLAN 2020! This year is going to be a little different, of course. But that can’t stop us from having the most epic gaming weekends in Bern.

After weighing our options and a lot of careful planning, we have decided that we absolutely don’t want to miss out on the most fun LAN party in Switzerland in 2020. That’s why SwitzerLAN 2020 is definitely going to take place at BERNEXPO on two weekends in October.

Because of safety restrictions, we have decided to organize two separate events, the first taking place on 1 to 4 October and the second on 8 to 11 October. On each one of the weekends we have room for 300 gamers and each weekend is dedicated to a specific game genre. League of Legends and Rocket League tournaments are going to be held on the first weekend, Rainbow Six Siege and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournaments are going to be the topic of the second weekend. More informations about the tournaments on the info page.

Here’s what’s different as well:

To ensure the safety of all participants as well as the staff, we have elaborated an extensive hygiene concept, which is constantly being adjusted, according to official guidelines. We are going to update all of you on details some weeks before the event. As part of one of the changes, everyone gets their own table, meaning a lot more space for yourself. You can imagine a setup where every participant has their own table and sleeping spot right next to it.

This reduces our available capacity, of course. Right now, we can only sell 600 tickets, increasing the individual ticket price to CHF 150, since we have fewer participants while having to keep up with hygiene measures. If those 600 tickets are sold out quickly and if we deem it reasonable, we will consider raising the number of tickets, which in turn would reduce the ticket price again by an amount not yet set. Participants who have paid the initial ticket price would of course be reimbursed the difference in price.

The seating plan is online , but there are still many possible changes that we might have to make.

Despite the new price of CHF 150, we are still not making any profit off SwitzerLAN. It is important to consider that we can barely manage to gain enough money through ticket sales and consumption to pay off the location rent. Adding salaries, power, internet, and all other expenses, SwitzerLAN has never been a project anyone became rich with. We are organizing this event year for year because we love gaming culture, the community and esports and we want to see it continue growing over the next years.

Thank you all for your continued support. If you have questions, head over to our Discord server and ask away in the #questions channel.

We hope to see you in October, and until then, stay safe!

Your SwitzerLAN staff

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