12.10.2023-15.10.2023 I 2000 Gamers I

12.10.2023-15.10.2023 I 2000 Gamers I

12.10.2023-15.10.2023 I 2000 Gamers I


Back to full strength: SwitzerLAN 2022

Friday, 03.06.2022 12:14
Valentin Valentin Oberholzer

We can sense your longing for the next SwitzerLAN – and we feel it too. So let us talk about SwitzerLAN 2022 and how it is going to be your best weekend of the year. Welcome back to a 2000 person LAN – one of the largest ones in the DACH region! 

Remember the Scene where formerly skinny Steve Rogers steps out of the transformation machine with muscles that could lift a tank and becomes Captain America? That’s about how energized we feel about SwitzerLAN 2022: The pandemic is behind us, we’re back at full capacity and happy to once again welcome over 2000 gamers at BERNEXPO. With this, SwitzerLAN is as big as ever, and we’re thrilled! 

For SwitzerLAN 2022, we’re giving you back the old, pure LAN experience. A huge hall packed with 2000 gamers ecstatic about game wins, happy about seeing old friends and focused to the core in tournament matches. Let’s celebrate the esports organizations fighting in some of Switzerland’s most prestigious tournaments as well as the casuals spending the weekend playing io games.

We’re looking forward to October! Follow our social media, use #switzerlan22 and join our Discord to stay up to date.


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