12.10.2023-15.10.2023 I 2000 Gamers I

12.10.2023-15.10.2023 I 2000 Gamers I

12.10.2023-15.10.2023 I 2000 Gamers I


SwitzerLAN 2023: Switzerland’s biggest Gaming Party!

Friday, 09.06.2023 15:34
Valentin Valentin Oberholzer

The greatest LAN party in all of DACH is only a few months away. With 2000 participants, this is going to be an ecstatic weekend where you can release your inner geek and go full nerd for over 70 hours. Welcome to SwitzerLAN 2023!

At SwitzerLAN we welcome all genders, ages, nationalities, looks, and gamer types (yes, even Roblox gamers kekw). In fact, your diversity is what breathes life into this wonderful LAN party. No matter where you’re from: What’s important to us is your love for gaming and your willingness to share your enthusiasm with 2000 likeminded souls. Let’s have a weekend to forget about stereotypes, to escape your day-to-day life and to commit fully to the beautiful things in life: friends and video games. We hope to see you there, from 12. to 15. October 2023 in Bern

You can now buy your ticket to SwitzerLAN 2023 in our Store. If you’re an orga or a group of 5 or more people, fill out the group reservation form and we’ll seat you together. Follow our social media channels in order to get important information beforehand and to appropriately get you into a mental LAN mode. And be sure to connect with the community on our Discord Server.

For logistic reasons we will be more limited on sleeping space this year. Therefore we need all participants to help save space in the sleeping hall. You can do this by only bringing  a single mattress per person, instead of a double size. 

The parking situation at P17 will be the same as last year. But we will have the check-in placed directly at the parking location P17  to streamline the process. 

To ensure a smooth tournament timetable, SwitzerLAN tournament participants will not be able to participate in any other 3rd party tournament going on at the same time. This is including Digitec Playground, Swisscom Hero League, and/or HeroFest tournaments. However, if we see the possibility to plan two tournaments around each other, players might be able to take part in both. This would be announced at a later date.

Best wishes and see you at the LAN!
Your SwitzerLAN staff


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